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HeraCARE to Pilot in the US

Medical data and technology company HeraMED (ASX: HMD) has today announced a partnership to accelerate their mission to revolutionize maternal care.

The Company has entered into a paid pilot with Obstetrix Medical Group, one of the largest clinical providers in the US for both women’s and children’s health. Obstetrix, an affiliate of US $2.2 billion company Mednax, partners with hospitals, health systems and health care facilities to offer care across 24 women’s and children’s specialities. The Mednax network of 2300 physicians across 39 states and Puerto Rico provides vital care to 1 in 4 babies born in the US.

Obstetrix is purchasing 100 licenses to the HeraCARE software and devices, HeraMED’s proprietary system to provide fully integrated high-touch, high-quality maternal health care. The tech aims to improve maternal care by enhancing and reshaping the doctor/ patient relationship with the integration of cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

HeraMED’s suite of technologies also includes hardware devices for fetal and maternal monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients. The platform and associated device has been TGA (Australia), FDA (America) and CE (Europe) approved for use.

The pilot will evaluate the functionality and suitability of the platform for Obstetrix’s use and, if successful, the two companies will enter into an agreement for wider deployment and scaling of the tech for use across more sites.

“The launch of the paid pilot represents a significant achievement, and I congratulate the HeraMED team for reaching this important milestone. We are already discussing extensions to this pilot with several new sites identified, and I am confident that today represents the start of a long working history with Obstetrix.” - David Groberman, HeraMED CEO and Co-founder

To learn more about Pediatrix’ Virtual OB program, visit their website.


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