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Remote Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring

Meet HeraBEAT

HeraBEAT was developed to give expectant mothers the ability to listen to and track their baby’s heartbeat at home and is now used with HeraCARE to capture this core vital remotely worldwide. HeraBEAT helps reduce the uncertainty that comes with being an expectant mother and gives care providers real-time access to FHR data, simplifying the pregnancy experience one heartbeat at a time. 

Cutting edge technology in the palm of your hand


HeraBEAT is a CE certified medical device for fetal and maternal heart rate. It has been clinically validated for fetal heart rate monitoring for use in home and healthcare settings. It is used by pregnant women in Europe, USA, Israel and Australia.

HeraBEAT in Detail

Our Technology

The fetal heart rate is vital when it comes to the wellbeing of both mom and baby. HeraBEAT uses professional ultrasound doppler technology, which is standard practice in medical communities worldwide and is known for its accuracy, reliability, and safety.

We added our cutting-edge technology and user-friendly approach to make this device portable, affordable, and most importantly, easy-to-use at home. HeraBEAT has been integrated into the HeraCARE dashboard for easy remote patient monitoring.

Wide-Beam Ultrasound

We’ve designed the widest ultrasound beam for you to easily find your baby’s heart rate signals.


Using multi-sensor technology HeraBEAT US automatically separates between fetal and maternal heartbeats giving the most accurate results.



HeraBEAT US uses unique algorithms that eliminate all background noises, allowing you to connect to a crystal clear sound of your baby’s heartbeat.

Motion Detection Sensors

Optimising the user experience, guiding you to get a precise reading of your baby’s heartbeat.



HeraBEAT US offers hassle free pairing by seamlessly connecting to your smartphone using the latest Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Hypersensitive Ultrasound

We’ve developed the most advanced technology to capture even the most subtle signals, allowing you to measure your baby’s heart rate from the early stages of the pregnancy. 





Motion Detection








"Providers enjoy the safety net of increased data monitoring and the ability to reduce in-office visits. It’s safe and enjoyable for providers AND patients, and is a great example of how we can use emerging technology to deliver better quality, and more personalized care."

Santosh Pandipati, MD, FACOG

Clinical Lead of Virtual OB, Pediatrix

HeraCARE is THE way we can fundamentally reimagine how we deliver maternity care

"In 2022, we are looking to shake up the standard schedule of maternity care to Connected Maternity Care” – with the goal of enrolling 7,500 women by the end of 2024."

Dr. Clif Neppe
Head of Obstetrics at Ramsey Health Care’s Joondalup Health Campus

A simple, comprehensive solution that allows me to provide better care to my patients

“HeraBEAT is accurate and easy to use in the hospital environment and for expectant mothers at home. The FHR data is equivalent to that obtained in the clinic using current assessment protocols for low-risk pregnancies and allowing for the device to be used in telehealth consultations.”

Dr. Paul Porter,
Director & Clinical Lead, Joondalup Health Campus

Accurate and easy to use

"Our goal was to put the F (fetus) back in maternal-fetal telemedicine. Now we are able to provide comprehensive remote assessment of the mother and the fetus, the sky is the limit for the paradigm shift that will follow."

Dr. Avi Tsur
Director of the Women's Health Innovation Center at Sheba - Tel Hashomer

The sky is the limit

"The ability to perform fetal and maternal monitoring at home brings us closer to our goal to provide hospital level services to anyone, anywhere while leveraging technology to overcome the space and time boundaries."

Dr. Galia Barkai,

CEO Sheba Beyond

HeraMED brings us closer to our goal

Our Feedback

What providers

are saying

I love listening to my baby’s heartbeat whenever I want. Being pregnant in the pandemic caused excess stress that HeraBEAT helps ease. I feel more connected to my baby and I enjoy the assurance of being remotely monitored.

You can find the pulse of the baby, check that everything is okay, and know it gets sent off to your doctor; all in the palm of your hand, from home. It’s amazing!

The experience of HeraBEAT with my older children was incredible; hearing the heartbeat made it real. It’s just easy and comfortable to use.

It has brought me inner calm between each checkup. When you hear the heartbeat, the feeling is indescribable. I start smiling and I’m immediately relieved.

That moment when the heartbeat appears on the screen is a moment like no other. Finally, there’s an opportunity to experience this at home, in your own privacy - to feel the baby and be able to know what’s going on at any given moment.

I can’t understand how I went through two pregnancies without it.

What moms

are saying

Our Feedback
HeraCARE in Detail


Accurate Measurements

The fetal heart rate is vital when it comes to both mom and baby. HeraBEAT uses professional ultrasound doppler technology, which is known for its accuracy, reliability, and safety.

We added our cutting edge technology and user friendly approach to make the device portable, affordable, and most importantly, easy to use at home. 

Easily Find A Heartbeat

HeraBEAT’s unique interface and designated app use the most advanced medical approach, making finding and tracking baby’s heartbeat simple. With our smart technology, expectant mothers can hear and record their baby’s heartbeat within minutes.

Our app provides easy to follow step by step guidance with live feedback, making HeraBEAT the only doppler effectively designed for home use.

Share Your Data In Real-Time

HeraBEAT is natively integrated into the HeraCARE app and remote patient monitoring dashboard. This means every recorded fetal heart rate measurement is made accessible to the provider dashboard in real time.

Patients and providers are notified provided action oriented guidance as needed. Patients also have the ability to save the recording of their measurement and share it with friends and family as desired. 

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