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HeraMED’s Virtual OB Pilot gains excellent scores from patients and providers

Medical technology company HeraMED Limited (ASX:HMD) has released an upbeat update concerning a Virtual OB Paid Pilot undertaken by Pediatrix® Medical Group.

Powered by the HeraCARE maternity solution and HeraBEAT smart Fetal HR monitor, the pilot delivered promising outcomes for patients and providers.

With the pilot, pregnant mothers can connect to their babies anytime using the HeraBEAT fetal heart rate doppler to acquire the fetal heart rate (FHR). Patients and providers very well appreciated the virtual pilot that provided the same level of care as in-office visits.

HeraMED has a hybrid maternity care platform. Pediatrix® Medical Group, an affiliate of Mednax®, Inc, is a medical group based in the U.S. It specialises in providing prenatal, neonatal, and pediatric services.

The partnership will continue providing Virtual OB care in San Jose and Atlanta.

Excellent patient and provider satisfaction ratings

The primary purpose of the pilot was to build a hybrid model of in-office and telemedicine visits combined with remote patient monitoring by replacing the in-office visits. It aimed to assess the patient and provider experience and their willingness to evolve how they receive and provide care.

Patients and providers have appreciated the virtual pilot program that offered superior care without requiring office visits. It received a score of 4.3 out of 5 from patients. A patient was reported saying that she loved hearing her baby’s heartbeat at any time of the day. She appreciated the fact of not requiring visiting the office for appointments.

According to Santosh Pandipati, M.D., clinical lead for the Virtual OB Program, HeraBEAT has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for home use and is convenient to use and loved by patients.

Providers enjoy the safety net of increased data monitoring and the ability to reduce in-office visits. HeraCARE is the way we can fundamentally reimagine how we deliver care. It’s safe and enjoyable for providers and patients and is a great example of how we can use emerging technology to deliver better quality, safer and more personalised care.”

He expressed his gratitude to HeraCARE, as patients in the Virtual OB Program gained over 2.5 times as many vital measurements compared to patients in traditional maternity care.

Additionally, the primary analysis demonstrated prior detection of hypertensive pathology in select patients (both prenatal and postpartum) as early as 25 weeks. These early indications can enhance health outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care.

David Groberman, CEO, and co-founder of HeraMED said:

“We have so enjoyed bringing this program to life with the Pediatrix team. We believe care provider partners like Pediatrix are instrumental in shifting the prenatal care model. We look forward to continuing to grow this relationship and to deliver this innovative care model to more and more expectant mothers.”

Way ahead

  • The collaboration plans to add personalised care plans involving one in postpartum care.

  • Plans in discussion to reduce in-office appointments and increase remote monitoring of data

Stock information

At the time of writing this article (11:01 AM, AEST), shares of HMD were trading at AU$0.160.


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