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HeraMED strikes a deal with Joondalup Health Campus

Manufacturer and distributor of pregnancy-related solutions and heartbeat monitors, HeraMED Limited (ASX:HMD) has signed a commercial agreement with Joondalup Health Campus, to provide HeraCARE solutions to their audience.

The commercial agreement

  • As per the commercial agreement, JHC will extend the HeraCARE solutions as the standard service to all suitable expectant mothers.

  • It is a full-scale long-term agreement, which is a 12-month extension of the commercial terms signed during the paid pilot.

  • JHC and HMD will consider the extension of the agreement for three years.

  • Gradually, HeraMED will supply equipment and licences to JHC; each quarter, around 400 licences will be supplied to support JHC in offering new connected maternity care models.

  • The estimated HeraCARE licences fee is approximately AU$220,000, based on the accumulated licence fee for the first year.

History of JHC and HeraMED

The collaboration between HMD and JHC began in 2020 through a clinical trial that provided results for the functional and clinical validation of the HeraBEAT device. HeraBEAT is the backbone of the HeraCARE solution, and the device was tagged as excellent in terms of accuracy compared to the CTG machine (industry gold standard machine).

JHC and HeraMED undertook the paid pilot for the HeraCARE platform. In early December 2021, the interim results were received, which were very positive. The interim results induced confidence to undertake commercial agreements and roll out the technology within JHC.

David Groberman, co-founder and CEO of HeraMED, commented on the “milestone” achieved by the company,


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