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Ramsay affiliated “Melbourne-Mothers” private practice signed agreement to adopt HeraCARE

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

  • Leading obstetrician and gynaecologist Associate Professor Vinay Rane, will lead the first private clinic commercial HeraCARE launch in Victoria, with deliveries across private hospital networks, mainly at Frances Perry House, a leading private maternity hospital, part of Ramsay Health Care;

  • 250 mothers will take part in the initial stage of the commercial launch which will last approximately eight months;

  • Represents the first ׳Connected Maternity Care׳) CMC) deployment to be undertaken by an independent obstetrician practice; and the second pilot with a Ramsay-affiliated hospital;

  • Agreement includes the initial purchase of 250 HeraCARE licenses and HeraBEAT devices; and

HeraMED is pleased to announce a new agreement of its hybrid connected maternity care platform HeraCARE, and its clinically validated in-home, smart foetal and maternal heart rate monitor, HeraBEAT, led by Associate Professor Vinay Rane who is associated with Melbourne’s Frances Perry House Hospital.

The agreement includes 250 HeraCARE licenses (with a similar number of HeraBEAT smart foetal HR monitors) for a total of AUD 169,000 for one year. Associate Professor Vinay Rane’s private practice ‘Melbourne Mothers’ will undertake the project for deliveries to be done in conjunction with the Frances Perry House Hospital.

These initial 250 licenses represent Phase 1 of adopting the new ‘Connected Maternity Care’ (CMC) model and will assess several Key Performance Indicators, including:

  • Pregnant mother satisfaction,

  • Productivity and time efficiency for CMC pregnancies vs non-CMC pregnancies; and

  • Melbourne Mothers workflow feasibility.

The project will include a dedicated branding and marketing campaign, which will document and emphasize the advantages of the CMC journey and the enhanced pregnant women’s experience.

HeraMED CEO and Cofounder, Mr. David Groberman said:

“This agreement represents the first with a private obstetrician and the second linked to a Ramsay Health Hospital. I am delighted to be working with Associate Professor Vinay Rane, who I have long admired as a thought leader in Australia in Obstetrics and Gynaecology."

Associate Professor Vinay Rane, who will lead the study said:

“Throughout my career, I have been focused on finding the best technology to improve maternity care, and I am confident the in-home foetal heart rate smart device, the HeraBEAT, supported by the comprehensive HeraCARE platform will enable an improved level of care and convenience for the 250 expectant mothers that will form part of the pilot.
I am looking forward to sharing preliminary results of this project with the broader gynaecology and obstetrics community at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, RCOG World Congress 2023.”


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