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JHC’s Clinical Trial peer-reviewed and published in Nature Portfolio

  • Results from the second clinical study by Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) have been published in Nature magazine’s digital health platform - Nature Portfolio Journals (NPJ)

  • JHC’s second Clinical Study validated the accuracy, interpretability, usability, and acceptability of the HeraBEAT smart foetal heart rate monitor in prolonged monitoring sessions such as Non-Stress Tests (NSTs) or Cardiotocography (CTGs), when compared to the industry gold standard hospital-based equipment

HeraMED is pleased to announce the publication of the second Clinical Trial by Joondalup Health Campus in Nature Portfolio, part of The Clinical Trial results were published on ASX on 2 May 2022.

This publication represents a significant milestone for HeraMED for several reasons; the validation of the results that found the technology to be comparable to the current standard of care hospital-based CTG machines, the conclusion that the device can be used for remote and home monitoring and that this has not been possible before.

See the full piece here


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